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Given the following two statements:

  S1: Every table with two single-valued 
      attributes is in 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF.

  S2: AB->C, D->E, E->C is a minimal cover for 
      the set of functional dependencies 
      AB->C, D->E, AB->E, E->C. 

Which one of the following is CORRECT?


S1 is TRUE and S2 is FALSE.


Both S1 and S2 are TRUE.


S1 is FALSE and S2 is TRUE.


Both S1 and S2 are FALSE.

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1 Answer

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S1 is TRUE and S2 is FALSE.

answered by gate
How  can you assume that the two "single valued" attributes in S1 are unique? What if the table is of attribute (FirstName, Gender)? Since no key is present in such a table it won't be in 1NF?

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