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list of task which you must do during this last one month preparation.

(1) Is there any subject which you have left for last time preparation or didn’t prepare well so far ?
(2) Have you solved all previous years GATE papers questions effectively ?
(3) Are there some questions in which you are still confused or you left them for last time preparation from previous years GATE papers ?
(4) Have you revised whole GATE 2016 syllabus completely up to that level where you can recall all subjects important formulas and theory without any help ?
(5) Have you prepared Engineering mathematics & General aptitude properly ?
(6) Have you solved any mock paper designed for GATE 2016 as per latest syllabus ?
(7) Have you checked your accuracy level while solving theoretical as well as numerical problems ?
(8) Have you reduced completely your silly mistakes ?
(9) Final but most important point. How many times you have revised your GATE syllabus/notes/overall preparation ?
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