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List of GATE Exam Papers & Codes

You can apply for any one of the 23 papers. Though, you can choose any paper of your choice, but you are expected to appear in paper related to your qualifying degree. 

1Aerospace EngineeringAE
2Agricultural EngineeringAG
3Architecture and PlanningAR
5Civil EngineeringCE
6Chemical EngineeringCH
7Computer Science and Information TechnologyCS
9Electronics and Communication EngineeringEC
10Electrical EngineeringEE
11Ecology and EvolutionEY
12Geology and GeophysicsGG
13Instrumentation EngineeringIN
15Mechanical EngineeringME
16Mining EngineeringMN
17Metallurgical EngineeringMT
18Petroleum EngineeringPE
20Production and Industrial EngineeringPI
21Textile Engineering and Fibre ScienceTF
22Engineering SciencesXE
23Life SciencesXL

XE (Engineering Sciences) and XL (Life Sciences) papers are of general nature and will comprise of the sections listed below. If you are appearing in any of these papers, you have to answer three sections apart from the General Aptitude (GA) questions. Section A is compulsory in XE paper and Section H is compulsory in XL paper. You can choose any two out of the remaining sections listed against the respective papers, at the time of examination.

Engineering Sciences Papers

  • A. Engineering Mathematics (Compulsory)
  • B. Fluid Mechanics
  • C. Materials Science
  • D. Solid Mechanics
  • E. Thermodynamics
  • F. Polymer Science and Engineering
  • G. Food Technology

Life Sciences Papers

  • H. Chemistry (Compulsory)
  • I. Biochemistry
  • J. Botany
  • K. Microbiology
  • L. Zoology
  • M. Food Technology
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