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IIT Madras, CSE Department - MSc(Engg)

The Computer Science and Engineering department at IIT Madras held admissions for M.Sc(Engg) on 5th May 2015. One month advance notice was given after shortlist for preparation for interview.
Some statistics from the CSE Dept shows:
Total Number of Applications - 790
Number of candidates called for written test - 373
The shorlist criteria was UG percent >= 70 AND Gate Score >= 600.

On the day of the admission there were 2 papers:
First paper consisted of 30 MCQs of 1.5 hours duration. Some of the questions from the first paper are as below:

1.  Types of functions - injective, surjective and bijective -> questions based on that
2.  Aptitude question based on the dependency
3.  Question on statements and connectives which two are equivalent
4.  Code snippets and their output
5.  Question on pointers (++, & and * operator precedence)
6.  Lots of combinatoric and Probability questions

Second paper consisted of 15 paragraph answer questions. Any 10 questions had to be attempted. Some of the questions from the second paper were as below:

1.  Algorithm question- k array, n elements each need to merge them into a single array with a complexity of n log k
2.  2 Questions to write DFA for a given language and prove that is the minimal DFA
3.  Question to construct Annotated Parse tree for an expression in Compiler Design
4.  Digital Design - Construct a Mod-7 counter (with a different order) using T- flip flop
5.  Given the bytes required for each level in a network. calculate the latency on the channel
6.  Computer network - find if a collision occurred or not given mode of transmission & speed of transmission
7.  Question on set associative cache mapping
8.  Given a code, find the recursive function and solve the function to find complexity

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