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“How do I prepare for GATE 2017 ?
What strategy should I adopt for GATE 2017 ?
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”

There are three kind of preparation strategy for a GATE aspirant :
1. Self study completely
2. Self study using some institutes notes
3. Study with the help of some coaching institute(s)

What is the difference in between these three ?
Here, I am going to explain you this in tabulated form, It will easy to explain and will be easy to understand.

S. No.Characteristics1.2.3.
1.Classroom StudyNoNoYes
2.Classroom NotesNoNoYes
3.Complete Exam Oriented GuidanceNoNoYes
4.Problem Solving ClassesNoNoYes
5.Study Material (Subject wise Guides + Solved Papers + MCQ Books)NoYesYes
6.Exam Oriented Test SeriesNoYesYes

If you are preparing for GATE 2017 with the help of a coaching institute you would get some very important things ready made as mentioned in above table. It will surely save your lots of time.

After analyzing from the above table you must have thinking that study with the help of some coaching institute(s) for GATE 2017 has many advantages over rest preparation strategies but preparation with the help of coaching institute have positive and negative both impacts on your GATE 2017 preparation. Let’s see …

1. If you prepare well as per your coaching institute but what if your coaching institute fail to give you what you must get from a coaching, for what you did join that coaching ?
2.What if your coaching institute help you well in your preparation but you failed to follow them properly ?
3. Coaching is only beneficial when you take full advantage of it.
1. First you need to choose a right coaching for your GATE 2017 preparation. If you fail, your GATE 2017 preparation will get affected from it.
2. You need to take regular classes, if you miss any of that it will cost you during your last time preparation.
3. You need to active in your classes because if you are not, Coaching would be a silent killer of your time because if you are not active in your classes you are totally wasting your time and concentration towards your GATE 2017 exam.

Similarly self study completely and self study using some institutes notes have positive and negative both impacts on your GATE 2017 preparation. Let’s see …

1. Surely you will not get any kind of advantage like one who join coaching institute like no classroom notes, no classroom study, no problem solving classes, no study material and no test series but on the other side you would have full day in your hand which you can dedicate to your GATE 2017 preparation.
2. You can make a proper plan & time table for whole day and follow that. I think if you follow a time table honestly and in a right direction then 6 to 12 months for GATE 2017 preparation are more than enough.
3. You can make your own notes surely it will take time but it will also boost your knowledge & skills. Like you would find various ways of solving a particular problem.
4. When you choose self study, you would be able to decide what is important and what is not for GATE exam point of view. Surely it will take time but it made you more analytical, which in turn save your time during your last time preparation.
5. Those who did study well during their graduation this method is really-really beneficial for those. I have seen many candidates who studied for GATE exam from their very first year/second year of graduation without joining any coaching and clear GATE along with final year of graduation with a very good GATE rank.

“Sometimes if you go along with the crowd, You end up someplace you really don’t want to be”

So, Here I provided you just a basic comparison between various preparation strategy for a GATE aspirant for GATE 2017 exam. Every preparation strategy has it’s own kind of advantages and disadvantages. It’s totally depends upon you what preparation strategy for GATE 2017 preparation suits you. Rectify yourself as per above analysis and decide how you are going to prepare for GATE 2017 exam.

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