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“How to prepare for gate in 8/6/3 months ??
You all must have this kind of questions in your mind nowadays. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look.”


1. Start preparation by solving previous 20-30 years papers.
It will give you a good idea about what you have to prepare and what not to prepare. Because in this competitive world you need to be smart along with having knowledge.

2. First complete GATE whole syllabus as soon as possible.
You are going to attend GATE. So, You have to complete it completely before GATE examination. Examiner may ask question from any subject and also from any topic mentioned in GATE syllabus.

3. Solve previous 20-30 years papers precisely. Don’t just solve them, understand them.
GATE question don’t get repeated but by solving previous years papers you are being familiarize with questions asked in GATE exam. So that you can prepare according to that now for GATE.

4. Solve question which are closely related to previously asked questions.
GATE question don’t get repeated but approach may get repeated. So solving related questions will surely increase your marks in GATE exam.

5. Join some good online mock tests and prepare for them nicely.
As nowadays GATE exam is an online computer based test (CBT). So these online mock tests will prepare you to be familiarize with exam like environment and will also help you to improve your GATE preparation.

6. Make a proper time table as per your daily routine for a day, a week, a month and for 6 month period and stick to that.
As you have less time to prepare, So you need a proper plan to complete your whole GATE syllabus within time limit of 6 months. 

7. Always keep a place for revision in your time table.
Revision is really-really important because you can’t remember all the things you have studied in last 6 months.


1. Don’t start preparation by reading standard books.
As you have less time to prepare, So you need be more focus on what you have to study first and what later. Its all about time management when time is less.

2. Don’t just solve previous years papers.
Just solving previous years papers will not help you much in GATE exam. It will even confuse you more in exam. So, solve previous years papers with understanding not just solving.

3. Never go in depth of some topics or subjects.
Obviously examiner is not going to ask all the question from the subjects which you have prepared well. They will ask question from almost all subjects. So prepare all subjects equally first.

“GATE examination is to check basic knowledge and understanding of a candidate at their graduate level.”

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