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NO, but Self preparation means DEDICATION   & PUNCTUALITY

Candidates can opt for a disciplined self-study. Gaining ample clarity on fundamental concepts of graduation courses is the most essential aspect of preparation for GATE. Adequate practice certainly improves overall performance manifold in the examination hall.

Self-study offers complete control over the time, scheduling and consistency. A sincere candidate can plan and control the time efficiently. Time saved from idle hours of traveling can be utilized in strengthening preparation through browsing, searching and collecting quality study material. Distractions, including TV, internet browsing, chatting, etc. must be kept under check with conscious efforts. may be avoided Time thus saved, must be utilized in having fruitful discussions with competitive circle of friends.

Always prefer standard books. A little mistake can lower your GATE rank.

properly revised after a certain period of time.“Practice makes man perfect.” Revise what you have studied time to time.

prepared Mathematics and General Aptitude up to that level that I prepared Technical.Don’t forget Mathematics and General Aptitude. These subjects have 30% ratio of total marks.Previous years papers will help you to analysis GATE exam but will not sure your golden success. You have to do more study other than previous years papers.

Always prepare a time table then prepare. Being good in all subjects is always better than being master in only one subject.

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