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No score is safe enough. Last year the cutoff went exceptionally high as compared to pervious years. So, marks cannot be a parameter. But since you asked, you have to get above 78-80 in GATE exam for things to materialise. Other factors like normalisation etc. also constrain the prediction.

To get into any PSU, a rank above 300 is safe. For rank up to 500 you can get a good branch in IITs.Best of luck. Go, kill !
asked in gate preparation by anonymous

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Thanks for Asking..!!

You can check previous year cutoffs to get a PSU Job through Gate exam - GATE Score required for PSU

There are different ways of getting a PSU jobs - How to get a JOB in PSU

I hope it will help you.

Best of Luck :)

answered by DivyaJ1

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