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  • Of Course, it is possible to get within AIR-500 in GATE-2017, if you start your preparation now.
  • Take a print out of GATE syllabus, always check it before starting a new subject for study.
  • Gather study materials like solved papers, standard books, notes from any coaching institutes if possible(not a must).
  • Use  NPTEL lectures and videos to understand your basic concepts. GATE is all about testing your basics.
  • Prepare a plan that suits your leisure hours after job.
  • Stick to the syllabus and your planned timing.
  • If you remember all the concepts studied in college, start to refresh your memory by reading from standard books.
  • Then start practising different problems on same topic.
  • If you dont remember your basics from college and have no time to revise them on your own, I suggest you to join a coaching institute for weekend classes(as you are in a job).
  • If you are confident that you can prepare on your own, then coaching institute is not necessary.
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