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most inspiring stories about GATE toppers?

Sumit Kumar, AIR 10

Hi, I’m Sumit Kumar from Lucknow. I’ve completed my B.Tech(CSE) from Shri Ramswaroop Memorial Group of Professional Colleges, Lucknow in 2012 with an aggregate of 84.84%. I’ve secured AIR 10 in GATE’12.

How did you prepared for GATE?
I started preparing for GATE in my 3rd year of B.Tech. In that phase, I used to study the subjects deeply so as to get into the basics. Since I studied the subjects with great understanding, it was not a great deal to score good in semester Exams. I've written GATE’11 too and got AIR 910. I must quote the message by one of my seniors, Saiyedul Islam Sir, who is always ready to help others. This message is one of my inspirations to score with 100 in GATE’12.
“…tumhari is bar acchi rank hai gate me to is saal lag kar mehnat kar lo n get in some IIT…n let me tell u frankly, IIT me direct admission sirf top 100 logon ko milta hai…n uske baad 500 log ek hi category me aate hain jinhe bahut hi tough written and interview se nikalna hota hai….
so i wud suggest ki agar aage padhna hai to is saal abi se mehnat karo n within 100 rank lao…aur first yr ki maths pe bhi command…”

Which subjects are important for GATE?
If you wanna score good in GATE, I’d suggest to cover the complete syllabus of GATE. All subjects are equally important. However, being a CS GATE aspirant, you must be good at basics of C, Data Structures, Algorithms, Digital Logic, OS, Databases and Networks. Initially I found subjects like Networks, Compiler and Computer Organization difficult but with time, I tackled all of them. You should also focus on Mathematics as it counts a lot. As I said all subjects are equally important, but if you are short of time, here I give class of subjects according to their priority:

Class 1 (Highest Priority)
1. C
2. Data Structures
3. Algorithms
4. OS
6. Mathematics.
Class 2
1. Computer Networks.
2. TOC.
3. Compiler
4. CO
5. Digital Logic.
Class 3
1. Information System and Software Engineering
2. Web Tech.
Please note that, this list in no way gives the weightage of marks for GATE. But you can use it for starting preparation i.e, First start with Class 1 and so on…

How to prepare?
You must know where you stand before starting preparation. Solve last 4-5 years GATE papers with time limit. After that, you’d know your position and how much you can score now. Then set a goal you wanna achieve (Top10, Top100, Top500 or Top 1000). The more high you aim, the more high you go. During preparation, remember your aim and make it your passion. Give 2-3 hours daily for GATE preparation in regular days and some more time on Holidays. Before 1-2 months of GATE, forget everything but GATE. Remember, getting into an IIT/IISc or a PSU is more rewarding than anything. After studying the concepts either for your semesters or for GATE, do see the previous years GATE questions, to see you the level of your understanding and difficulty level of questions in GATE. Start with subjects you find easy and afterwards, keep time for tough ones too. Keep yourself motivated alwayz, thats the key 2 success.

1. Test Series: A well structured and good quality Test Series is a must for continuously evaluating your performance and learning new concepts. I suggest GATEFORUM’s TarGATE Plus.
2. Classroom program: If you have time and wanna learn from starting, a good Classroom Program is best for you.
3. Correspondence Course: If you are much informed about the subjects and can study by yourself, you can take a Correspondence Course and start preparing yourself. It needs more of a dedication and passion for GATE and is good for ready reference.

Any suggestions?
Don’t learn the subjects, just love them!


Start as early as possible and make your aim high. Best of Luck!

Poonam Kumar,AIR 4

GATE 2013 which is single largest entrance exam whose score is used to take admissions to PG and doctoral courses in engineering, technology, architecture and science, saw over 10 lakh candidates taking the test this year. So there has been a drastic increase in competition over the previous year (30 percent) and that makes it commendable that one should make it among the top ten All Indian Ranks. Surya Ragunaathan speaks to one such topper – All India Rank IV, Poonam Kumar, a mechanical engineer from NIEC, Delhi (2012).

Congrats! How do you feel? Did you expect you'd be one of the toppers?

It feels great. Looking forward to getting admissions in some good colleges. My preparation was good but never expected to be one of the toppers.

When did you start preparing for GATE? Is this your first attempt at the test?

I started preparing for GATE around eight months back. This was my second attempt at GATE. Last year, I took it without any preparation and just got the qualifying marks.

How many hours of study do you put in, in a day?

Around three-four hours every day but i made sure I put in those many hours every day.

What particular strategy or coaching did you undergo for GATE 2013?

I took coaching from Career Launcher classroom at Delhi to prepare for GATE 2013. The classes and the study material and faculty support helped me a lot in my GATE preparation.

In what way did your graduation institute help you? Did it help at all?

Not much.

Have you always wanted to take the GATE? Was it a step towards your career plan?

Not exactly as I was in double mind whether to go for GATE or MBA/CAT.

What do you do in your pass time? Or do you only bury yourself into books?

I am an avid sports person so tried sneaking some time to play football.

Which institute do you plan to take admission in? Why?

In one of the premier IITs.

What were the reactions from your family and friends? Anyone in particular who inspires you?

They are all very happy for me. My Dad has always inspired me.

What are your future plans with respect to your career?

I have always been interested in research and would continue to explore related opportunities.

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Meet Khantesh Mohanbhai Agrawal, who secured All India Rank 12 in Chemical Engineering in the recently announced GATE 2016 results. Someone who doesn't believe in taking shortcuts in life, he was able to achieve this feat through sheer hard work. Excerpts from the interview of Khantesh Mohanbhai Agrawal is below:

Q. Where have you done your engineering from and in which branch?

Khantesh: I am in the final year of BE Chemical Engineering in BITS Pilani. 

Q. What was your strategy and how did you manage?

Khantesh: I planned to appear for GATE in January, 2015. I started preparing for this exam from the sixth semester itself. I accelerated my preparation from September, taking the seventh semester of college exam lightly. I tried to complete the syllabus by the end of December, 2015, and left January, 2016, for revision. I was never hard on myself during preparation and followed my interests simultaneously.

I focused on both concepts and problems, because the GATE exam requires command over both of them. I studied from the standard books and NPTEL rather than following shortcuts. I used to discuss problems and doubts with friends who were also appearing for GATE or Core Job placements.

Q. Did you take any coaching classes? Are they important for preparations?

Khantesh:  Yes, I did enroll for GATEFORUM Distance Learning Program (DLP) and EII online Test Series, but I hardly used any of them since the major chunk of my preparation was self-study, solving problems from and discussing doubts with friends. Joining coaching classes is a subjective question and varies from person to person and his prior knowledge in subjects. If you have studied decently during your graduation, there is not much need of coaching, although a test series may help you to manage time. However, there are no good test series available in Chemical Engineering.

Q. In what ways did your family support you during GATE preparation?

Khantesh:  My family has provided me with a strong mental support in my ups and downs. They never forced me to prepare for exams, which other people in general do. Rather, they provided me with the freedom to pursue my interests. My parents and sister have missed me a lot during some of the family occasions, where I could not be present due to preparation for this exam; but they never forced me to attend them so that I could focus on my studies. It is their support only, which has brought good results.

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