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Paper Pattern
The General Aptitude section is worth 15 marks and consists of 10 questions; 5 questions carrying 1 mark each and 5 questions for 2 marks each. The General Aptitude question pattern remains the same for all subjects
Part 1: Verbal Ability: English Grammar, Sentence Completion, Verbal Analogies, Word
Groups, Instructions, Critical Reasoning and Verbal Deduction.
Part 2: Numerical Ability: Numerical Computation, Numerical Estimation, Numerical
Reasoning and Data Interpretation.


- The General Aptitude section is easily one of the most scoring sections of the GATE exam but its important to strengthen your foundation so you can score well
- Preparation for GA will help your preparation for the rest of the course so don't leave the GA preparation till the end
- Revise your English grammar from Class 10th books
- Increase your vocabulary on a daily basis, this will help you be prepared for the final exam
- Once a week read a new short passage and try describing it in a few points. This will greatly help in preparing for reading comprehension
- Try language puzzles and analogies off-and-on when you get time
- The Numerical Ability sections basically focuses on approximation skills
- Increase your speed in calculations and study basic concepts from Class 10th
- Try practice sample papers/previous year papers when you practice sample papers/previous year papers of the remainder of the subject (the optional subject) This will help you get in the habit of answering both the sections together.

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