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Topics for Each Section of GATE CS Syllabus

Below are the most important topics in all sections of GATE CS Syllabus. The list is based on  number of questions in previous year papers.

gate important topics for cse

most important topics for gate cse

1. Engineering Mathematics

    Matrix Determinant.
    Propositional Logic and Predicate Logic.
    Conditional Probability.

2. Digital Logic Design

     Combinational Circuits : Multiplexers, De-multiplexers and Decoders.
     Sequential Circuits : Counters
    Logic Gates.
    Number System.
    Minimization of Boolean Expressions.

3. Computer Organization And Architecture

    Cache Organization
    I/O Data Transfer
    Addressing Modes.
    Number Representation.

4. Programming and Data Structure

     Recursive Programs

5. Algorithms

    Algorithm Analysis.
    Sorting Algorithms
    Graph Algorithms.
    Divide and Conquer & Greedy Algorithms.

6. Theory of Computation

    Regular Expressions
    Regular Languages.
    Closure Properties.

7. Compiler Design

     LR Parsers
    LL(1) Parser.
    Predictive Parser.
    Minimum no of nodes and edges in DAG.
    Intermediate code Generation & its purpose.

8. Operating Systems

    Synchronization Mechanisms, Concurrency in IPC environment.
    Virtual Memory
    CPU Scheduling Algorithms.
    Techniques of Memory Management.
    Implementation issues of File system design.

9. Databases

    Relational Algebra
    SQL Queries

10. Computer Networks

    Sliding Window Protocol.
    Encryption and Decryption Algorithms.
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