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Consider the following C program segment

struct CellNode


  struct CelINode *leftchild;

  int element;

  struct CelINode *rightChild;


int Dosomething(struct CelINode *ptr)


    int value = 0;

    if (ptr != NULL)


      if (ptr->leftChild != NULL)

        value = 1 + DoSomething(ptr->leftChild);

      if (ptr->rightChild != NULL)

        value = max(value, 1 + DoSomething(ptr->rightChild));


    return (value);


The value returned by the function DoSomething when a pointer to the root of a non-empty tree is passed as argument is


The number of leaf nodes in the tree


The number of nodes in the tree


The number of internal nodes in the tree


The height of the tree

asked in trees, binary search trees, binary heaps by gate

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