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Top 10 Mistakes Done By GATE Aspirants

1. Studied wrong / wrongly.

Always prefer standard books. A little mistake can lower your GATE rank.

2. Not properly revised after a certain period of time.

“Practice makes man perfect.” Revise what you have studied time to time.

3. Loosing confidence after seeing the questions paper.

Don’t worry question paper is also hard for all others.

4. Your time management in exam was not so good as you thought.

Do solve practice papers time to time with time management same as GATE exam.

5. Never prepared Mathematics and General Aptitude up to that level that I prepared Technical.

Don’t forget Mathematics and General Aptitude. These subjects have 30% ratio of total marks.

Previous years papers will help you to analysis GATE exam but will not sure your golden success. You have to do more study other than previous years papers.

7. Didn’t prepared all subjects because there was no time for those.

Always prepare a time table then prepare. Being good in all subjects is always better than being master in only one subject.

8. Don’t feel restless and anxious before examination.

Before exam day, take proper rest and food.

9. Fear of examination.

Fear is obvious, accept it but don’t focus on it much, don’t let it affect your performance in exam.

10. Forgot Admit card.

It is little but general mistake. It happens because of exam pressure. To avoid this, prepare yourself a day before your exam.

“You need not to be perfect in exam. You need to do well as compare to other in exam.”

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